AcuRite smartHUB End of Service - Some very unhappy customers including myself

AcuRite smartHUB End of Service - Some very unhappy customers including myself

This is what happens when you buy a product that works with a supplier's cloud service eg. Acurite, Ring doorbell, Chumby, Google Assistant, etc and they decide to discontinue support or they go out of business. You are left with a useless paperweight.

So I bought a 5-in1 Acurite Weather Station locally in SA at a whopping price on 19 Sep 2016. The supplier here did not have the SmartHUB (which links the weather station to the Acurite cloud and sends the data to WeatherUndergroup) so I ordered one via on the same day.

Now one year and 5 months later Acurite says they will discontinue the SmartHUB service in August 2018. This despite many SmartHUBs being in the field and working fine.

Yes they gave us a good discount on the replacement but guess what, they don't ship to South Africa at all! Buying anywhere else will cost me $129 to replace this hub. What an absolute rip off and how inconsiderate of all their loyal customers worldwide. It is bad enough having to pay to replace a perfectly good device, but worse when you can't even make use of the discounted offer. Actually, at the full replacement price, I can just as well buy a whole weather station for a different supplier, which is very likely then what I'll do in August 2018.

See Acurite's notice and the customer comments at


AcuRite smartHUB End of Service | AcuRite Customer Community
As our valued customers – we’d like to share an important product update with you.
You may or may not be aware that we built a new connectivity device, the AcuRite® AccessTM, to replace the smartHUB. As such, effective immediately – AcuRite is announcing the manufacture discontinue and ‘End of Service’ of the AcuRite® smartHUB.
Summary of End of Service for smartHUB

Product Discontinued as of February 1, 2018
End of Service/Support (Will no lon...

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