Garmin Dash Cam 55 - 1440p, GPS, Driver Assist, and Voice Control

Garmin Dash Cam 55 - 1440p, GPS, Driver Assist, and Voice Control

I've had this dash cam now nearly a week to replace the Viofo A119 I had before which started to lose all its settings after 18 months. Only time will tell how the battery will last on the Garmin but it will have less effect as this dash cam defaults to GPS so date and time should always be correct.

What I like:
- Good resolution at 1440p
- Voice control is really "handy" to take pictures, save video, start a travelapse, etc
- Compact size
- Magnetic mount means easy removal and it does not fall off the window when the sun is hot
- Driver assist really does work quite well with lane departure warnings, forward collision warnings and even traffic moving if vehicle in front pulls away and you are still stationary
- Red light / speed camera warnings came out of the box (static cameras, mobile use camera areas, and also average speed camera zones) but if you want updates you need to subscribe to the service. It also gives speed warnings for exceeding speed limits on freeways
- Has incident detection for automatic saving of collisions based on G forces
- Comes with an 8GB microSD card which I replaced with my 32GB car
- Wifi connectivity to the phone to download saved video or pictures

Not liking so much:
- Wifi transfer s very slow - holding the phone right next to the dash cam is pretty essential
- Night video is a bit blown out but you can still see what is happening

See some photos at

Typical reviews like this one at seem to consitently rate this camera is the top 5 of current dash cams


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