New Samsung Galaxy S9 announced

New Samsung Galaxy S9 announced

Well, nothing groundbreakingly new but certainly some very nice iterative improvements. I like:
1. Lower light aperture camera at f1.5. The "muti-aperture" though sounds very much like HDR or HDR+?
2. The Intelligent Scan looks like an improvement on the face unlock.
3. The Animated AR Emoji is a nice touch and reminds me of this feature we had on desktops with the webcam a few years back.
4. Dual SIM cards and retention of a microSD card are really good.
5. Glad DeX is still there and likely improved as I see that as a big plus for Samsung (differentiating it from the competition).
6. The 5.8" Quad HD+ Super AMOLED (2960x1440) 570 ppi screen is gorgeous!
7. Bluetooth V5 is also a big step forward.
8. TV Connection supported with DisplayPort over USB type-C. Supports video out when connecting via HDMI Adapter (DisplayPort 4K 60 fps) - which is quite useful for showing photos and videos to groups, or running a presentation.
9. The motion detection for starting auto-starting 960FPS video could be really useful to capture just the right moment for slow-mo video.

The downside of the IP68 water resistance is likely no replaceable battery. The AR emoji, AR assistant, AR translate, etc are not new at all new but nice that they have packed all into a base OS. Speaking of which Oreo 8.1 has been out a while now so you'd think that it would have been installed. I realise the update will come but Samsung can't be too quick as they have baked so much into the OS.

The only thing holding me back from moving back to a Samsung phone is their slow OS upgrades. One would hope they would capitalise now on Project Treble ( which should allow Android 8.0 and above phones to get their updates much quicker..


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