How to import notes into Simplenote

How to import notes into Simplenote

I've recently moved from Standard Notes to Simplenote (for markdown formatting, sharing of notes). Both are free to use and work on most platforms.

But one shortcoming Simplenote still has, is no import function (maybe they discourage users migrating to their service?).

One workaround that worked for me is to use ResophNotes. It's a bit messy but if you have 600+ notes like me it is still better than cutting and pasting each one. ResphNotes has a standalone EXE (which will also run on Linux with WINE) and its claim to fame is being able to import notes and also to sync to Simplenote.

So in the case of Standard Notes I was able to import its text archive file (specifying a delimiter in ResophNotes like "title:" which split each note into a separate note, and then synced them to Simplenote. Once synced to Simplenote I could clean up further within Simplenote.

I really wish Simplenote would get a decent importer but for now, this two-step process will at least work for many. Even better would be some standard XML format import / export for all note apps.

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ResophNotes - Quick Notes on Windows
ResophNotes is a fast note writing tool and a
Simplenote client on Windows

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