4 open source alternatives to Evernote

4 open source alternatives to Evernote

Actually, the list is not that good (Paperwork v2 is not ready, and Paperwork V1 does not seem to have any install available?) but it got me thinking about some other alternatives too. I had a look through:
* Evernote - proprietary and only syncs between 2 devices for free.
* Laverna - looked quite good but it's Android sync has issues and it has no web access.
* Turtl - not too bad either and will share a note publicly and insert images. Will also sync to NextCloud server but no web client. I'll need to test a bit to NextCloud still to see if a web edit is possible.
* QOwnNotes - syncs nicely to NextCloud server but may be limited outside of that and the NextCloud Notes editor was not showing the tags and the inserted media.
* Elephant - no web client access at all and no mobile clients.
* Tomboy - will sync nicely with NextCloud server and to DropBox. But no tagging or public sharing.
* Joplin - has some good features and syncs with NextCloud server and OneDrive, but no own syncing or web client.
* Boost - syncs to most clod file sharing services but weak on the mobile side.
* Standard Notes - probably has the most features I'm looking for except no image insertion and these features do cost a hefty $35pa (more than Premium Evernote!). Without paying you have no markdown editor. Fully open source so you could host it yourself too.
* Simplenote - still has the most features I'm needing except it can't insert an image (embedding a link only). It has a good web client as well as Mac, Windows, Linux and mobile. It is fast and light and completely free. The clients are open source but not the server side (not ideal).

I was looking for free cost, web client (login to online notes via a web browser), supports all desktop OSs and iOS/Android, markdown editing, public share of a note (for colleagues to follow the note as I'm typing it), tagging. A bonus would be NextCloud syncing (DropBox is blocked at my work) and ideally I would have liked to insert images.

I must still look a bit more at QOwnNotes and Turtl too. I have a comparison sheet that I started and I'll maybe share it once I have filled in more of the blanks.

See https://opensource.com/alternatives/evernote?sc_cid=7016000000127ECAAY

4 open source alternatives to Evernote
Learn about these four open source alternatives to Evernote for notetaking on the web.

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