Would you accept increased work time monitoring in order to work from home?

Would you accept increased work time monitoring in order to work from home?

Seems many bosses just won't let go to let employees work from home (where their job is of a type that makes it possible) despite technology often fully enabling it eg. VoIP phones allowing you to receive and make office calls from home, secure remote login to work systems, cloud-based documents, team chat and collaboration platforms, etc. I often spend days away from my own office working on client sites, so I know one can be fully productive from outside the office without physically needing to be there.

So if it's not the technology, can it maybe be that bosses just don't trust their workers or they feel comfortable watching employees being in the office (and checking their Facebook, GMail, etc)?

So what if such bosses would feel more comfortable by employees opting in to have increased monitoring such as signing in and out of a presence monitor at home to indicate they are available or not (like a virtual time clock), would you opt in or prefer to stick it out in the office?

It may also be most bosses are totally unaware there is such technology. Some useful examples are at https://www.business.com/articles/11-tools-for-tracking-your-remote-staffs-productivity/. They also list tools such as IDoneThis which is more orientated towards outputs instead of time.

Many bosses are also not aware of what advantages VoIP telephony brings and this old article from 2007 actually explains some those benefits quite well. See https://www.techrepublic.com/article/the-top-five-advanced-voip-features-your-business-needs/.

From an employees perspective working from home can often increase job satisfaction, improve concentration and productivity, save travel costs and a lot of time spent in traffic jams. Many employees even work slightly longer hours from home because they are saving so much time and frustration by not sitting in the traffic. That said, conditions do need to be right to work from home, such as a dedicated or distraction-free environment, good Internet link and a computer with audio and video capability. A sense of self-discipline is also needed to stick to schedules, dress as if going to work, and minimising any interuptions from family who may also be at home.

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