#replacefacebook should supplant #deletefacebook as many seek alternatives to Facebook

#replacefacebook should supplant #deletefacebook as many seek alternatives to Facebook

"The reality is that people will not leave Facebook unless they can find a way to replace its function. This brings up the question: what exactly is Facebook's function? Originally, this post was intended to be a list of all the platforms that functionally can replace Facebook. In trying them though, I have found that all of them lack something that Facebook had going for it. Certain aspects might be great, but as a whole the platform felt inadequate. Eventually I figured it out. It's not just one magic element that Facebook had, but three core components: Community, Messaging and Discovery."

The author then mentions a few of the best alternatives as well as the fact that they are federated (meaning you join one but can follow and connect with people on other instances). More interestingly a few communities are listed where the discussions are taking place about the suitability of replacements for Facebook.

I'm going to list them here too so that they are easily referenced:
- Matrix room: #replacefacebook:disroot.org
- XMPP room: replacefacebook@conference.movim.eu
- Friendica Community: replacefacebook@libranet.de or at https://libranet.de/profile/replacefacebook

See the blog article at https://brainblasted.gitlab.io/replacefacebook/

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