as an alternative to Airbnb for cheap travel bookings? as an alternative to Airbnb for cheap travel bookings? supposedly has more listings than Airbnb and I have personally only used AirBnB (and had good experiences). So until my next trip when I'll do my own detailed comparison I can't say for sure which is better.

It is said that Airbnb could be slightly cheaper and another advantage is the encouragement to start relating to your host before the time. That said has nice articles on suggestions on what to see in many places and each listing shows to distance to nearby attractions. probably leans a bit more toward commercial listings than Airbnb does. Both offer filtered searches and map views etc - I just like AirBnB's clearly shown prices on the map search.

Always be wary with these services to check for hidden costs like mandatory cleaning costs or deposits, and make sure the host's profile has been verified and there are some positive reviews already.

I registered on to look around and if you use my invite link you will get 10% off any booking you mae, whilst they pay me $15 for the booking made (and the same goes for you afterwards sharing your link to friends). This is much the same as Airbnb does.

A reward for you and me!
Use, and they'll say thank you with a gift for both of us.

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