The Ultimate Guide to Merkur Safety Razors

The Ultimate Guide to Merkur Safety Razors

First patented in 1880, the modern safety razor is a shaving tool that utilizes a protective guard between the skin and the edge of the razor. Typically featuring a double head — hence the name “double-edge (DE) razor” — with two opposing sharp edges, the safety razor was the razor of choice among men until recent decades when the mass marketing of multi-bladed razor blades eclipsed DE shaving. So let’s talk about Merkur safety razors.

A leading worldwide manufacturer of quality shaving equipment since 1906, the Merkur Solingen company is a subsidiary of DOVO Solingen Steelware. DOVO is an independent concern headquartered in Solingen, Germany producing a variety of men’s grooming accoutrements including scissors and manicure tools.

In 2013, DOVO focused their corporate commitment to reestablish the Merkur brand as the world’s leading razor company. DOVO has greatly expanded their shave plane production, offering super-premium platinum blades and 100% metal shavers (available in brass, non-corrosive steel or die-cast) with balanced ergonomic designs.

Whether you're starting out with double edge shaving (the Merkur 34C is my best recommendation for beginners) or wondering what to move onto after the 34C, the article below will explain what a 30C, 33C, 34C HD, 42C, 45C Bakelite, 20C, 23C, 38C, 933CL, etc, etc all are and why they would be used. Also, some good basic advice that can be used when choosing with other brands too.


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The Ultimate Guide to Merkur Safety Razors | Mister Shaver
Merkur - one of the best safety razor brands since 1880. All Merkur Safety Razors models are reviewed in this guide. If you need the best double edge single blade safety razor - Merkur is a perfect choice. Find the DE razor that fits your shaving needs. Click here for more details.

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