My Free and Open Source Software Page has been updated with plenty of new software for Home or Enterprise...

My Free and Open Source Software Page has been updated with plenty of new software for Home or Enterprise Business use

I've been adding lots of new products across all categories over the last few months so it is worth doing a post again to remind anyone looking for free and open source software in any of the following categories for their home, school, non-profit, retail, or business use. The sad part is that often business startups or organisations are completely unaware that such good software exists. Many large enterprises and governments are also much of this software to drive their businesses eg. US DOD, NASA, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Toyota, Sony Entertainment, AT&T, IBM, and many more.

The main categories I have grouped them in are:
- Wordprocessing / Documents Management / Reading
- Libraries
- Web Development / Computer Programming / Blogging
- Databases
- Helpdesk/CRM
- Browsers
- E-Mail and Collaboration
- Security
- Utilities
- Education
- Network / Performance / Asset Management
- Private Cloud Computing
- Instant Messengers / Telephony
- Project Management
- GIS / Navigation
- Graphics / Video / Photo Editing
- Sound / Audio
- Finance / Business
- Games
- Operating Systems
- Television / Broadcasting
- Government
- Health
- Computer Aided Design (CAD)
- Home Automation
- Miscellaneous

Remember that if you get good regular use out of any of the software, and you can afford it, please consider at least a once-off donation to the relevant project as it will help ensure that the project keeps going in future.

See the full list at

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