Nissan Leaf car battery to power households

The Nissan Leaf – the only commercial electric vehicle used for bi-directional energy transfer capability – is being used in a uYilo field test programme to demonstrate and develop Nissan's charger technology in SA.

The ground-breaking technology was first rolled out in Japan in 2012 when Nissan launched the ‘Leaf to home' power supply system. The system transfers the energy stored in the Leaf's battery to a dedicated V2H station, providing power for household needs.

The technology has been further developed to deliver V2G, allowing energy in the battery to be traded with municipal and energy utilities to increase capacity, while also providing the opportunity to stabilise the grid during peak electricity usage.

A 2015 study found that running an all-electric Leaf for a year costs R18 000 less than a petrol car, based on the average South African annual mileage of 30 000km, says Nissan.

Nissan Leaf battery to power households | ITWeb

Nissan Leaf battery to power households | ITWeb

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