Voice commands are easy to learn to control apps like Waze whilst driving

Voice commands are easy to learn to control apps like Waze whilst driving

Reading recently about the person being fined in the USA for having looked at their Apple Watch four times, made me realise I need to make a bigger effort to use voice control. I have been using it with my Garmin Dash Cam as well as Google Assistant (to remind me later to do things) but I also report a lot of traffic jams, hazards, etc via Waze when driving. Although Waze only requires about two touches to report, your eyes are off the road and your attention is on the phone.

So two days back I made the effort and it was surprisingly easy. Why have I never even tried? Interestingly you do not need to use the exact words and it has happily picked up all my minor variations without much effort. I've been reporting hazards, checking ETA, reporting traffic as well as police, and also regularly checking alternate routes. Being able to exit the app without even touching the phone is another nice use.

A really nice touch is when Waze needs to announce a turn while you are busy saying something, it apologises and asks you to continue! I've noticed too that the apology varies a bit so it is much like having a polite passenger.

The only downside for me right now is that Waze's voice control actually disables Google Assistant while Waze is open. I'd really like them to allow that to still work. But Waze is quite responsive so I'm hoping they will fix that.

You can view some of the questions and instructions you can use with Waze at https://support.google.com/waze/answer/7580507?hl=en.

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