Rise of the machines – How AI will affect your IT job

Rise of the machines – How AI will affect your IT job

The roles of systems administrators and network administrators, for example, are likely to be largely affected by AI – as tasks like server configuration and software updates become automated. AI will also be able to effectively monitor networks, and initiate preventative action against problems before they arise.

Many of the manual tasks performed by storage administrators can also be handled by AI and automation tools. These can analyse large volumes of data and have proven better than humans at optimising storage for I/O patterns, managing the data lifecycle, and predicting hardware failures.

Gartner also lists project managers as one of the IT job titles at risk of being replaced – at least partially – by AI. This is because project managers spend a lot of time collecting and inputting data, allocating resources, and setting up schedules, which are tasks that AI could better handle. Project managers also estimate how long projects will take and how much they will cost, which machine learning tools could do more accurately and effectively.

Data analysts, database administrators, security administrators, and tech support are at risk as well, Even the very engineers designing AI are not safe from AI taking over their jobs, thanks to the advances in machine learning.

Many IT jobs are likely to be augmented by AI rather than replaced by it, however.

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Rise of the machines – How AI will affect your IT job
Advances in AI are disrupting industries and threating the job security of millions of workers worldwide – and IT jobs are not exempt.

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