TastyIgniter - Powerful FOSS online ordering, reservation and management system for restaurants

TastyIgniter - Powerful FOSS online ordering, reservation and management system for restaurants

TastyIgniter is a seamless solution of tools rolled into one, providing: kitchen management, order management, customer and staff management, store management, table reservations and internationalisation.

Simply install TastyIgniter, select your template, add your menu and Hey Pesto you’re ready and raring to accept orders upon the information super highway.

TastyIgniter is a super easy to use platform, even where there are multiple restaurant locations to manage – all intuitively presented within one single, easy to use interface. This streamlines the efforts of managers who are spinning many plates at once across numerous restaurant locations; TastyIgniter truly is the essential solution for chain restaurants.

TastyIgniter comes with a range of payment platform options so that you can take payment upfront for online orders. Choose one, or all, payment types, and look forward to delicious looking profit margins.

The TastyIgniter platform is so much more than an ordering and reservation system – it allows you to run customised e-newsletter campaigns to supercharge your sales, grow what can be an invaluable customer email database and utilised to build strong relationships with your customers.

TastyIgniter can display daily schedules, show which customers are online and generate orders and bookings reports – giving you insightful data for planning the days, weeks and months ahead. An essential feature for any restauranteur with a commitment for growing their business.

Bring to life your very own corner of the web with a customised online-ordering system. Take advantage of easy to use settings that define your delivery and collection services, and finish it all off with a design that reflects your company image.

Take advantage of today’s short-on-time consumer by providing a super-fast online booking system, all whilst saving your staff’s time that they may otherwise spend on the phone. This system even works upon your table set up – guaranteeing no overbooks. TastyIgniter makes table management a breeze and accepts your own settings upon table number, staff, status and seating – all within one singular, easy to use solution. So throw out those confusing order books and forget about lost scraps of paper with customer details on.

Don’t lose money delivering small orders, define minimum order totals and customise any delivery charges by easily setting up delivery zones. All of which can be set up quickly, hassle free and with only minimal technical knowledge.

And because it’s Open Source you benefit from a buzzing community of coders whose mission in life is to contribute to TastyIgniter’s advancement. If you use it to run your business uou should considering donating though to keep the software evolving and improving.

See https://tastyigniter.com/features

Features of TastyIgniter | Restaurant Management Software
TastyIgniter provides a platform for restaurants wanting to offer online ordering & reservations to their customers. View available Features of TastyIgniter

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