Weekend poll: Do you use a Chromebook?

Weekend poll: Do you use a Chromebook?

Just saw this online poll at https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/07/22/weekend-poll-use-chromebook/ and recalled my weekend enquiries just this weekend to try to find a low-end Chromebook for my old mom - something that can't get misconfigured so she gets stuck and can't access her e-mail, etc. I'm sick of trying to sort out weird config issues on her Windows 7 desktop with the "icon that disappeared". Yes she probably had a finger slip but she needs something simpler.

So visiting three shops in one of Cape Town's biggest malls gets me zero Chromebooks found with one assistant telling me he thinks "that is not a South African brand". Clearly, he had no what a Chromebook even was and I gave up trying to explain that Samsung, Acer, Asus all make them and they stock those brands. One computer shop at least knew they no longer stocked them but would I want to buy a compact Windows notebook instead - no I don't.

Pretty sad that all sold Windows computers and only one sold Apple. Where have the options and versatility gone? Do the youth of today only know Windows and some Apple MacOS? If you don't know any other options but sort of decisions do you make?

Reminds me, let me go learn another different programming language... It's becoming a bit like internal combustion engine vehicles - we just sell the one type of car we know about because we really don't know anything else, even if it may be better.

This just makes me more determined to buy a Chromebook even if I hafve to buy it online.


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