Your next computer screen could be holographic

Your next computer screen could be holographic

Today July 24 2018 Looking Glass Factory, a Brooklyn-based startup, announced the eponymous Looking Glass, a completely self-contained display for viewing three-dimensional, holographic content. Think of it like a second screen for your computer that allows you to view objects in three dimensions, without the need to put on a clunky headset.

The Looking Glass costs $600 for a 8.9-inch display (around how much a decent VR setup currently costs), and $3,000 for a 15.6-inch version. The displays only require two cables (an HDMI and USB) and a decently powered laptop to work, and can either be controlled by a mouse and a keyboard, like a regular screen, or connected up to a wireless controller, like a Leap Motion. Both models are on sale on the company’s site from today.

Frayne said he expects the display to find a home in commercial settings before it finds a way into our homes, the eventual goal. Looking Glass’s displays can also be viewed by multiple people at once, unlike a VR headset, making them far more useful for collaborative work in 3D.


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Your next computer screen could be holographic
Forget the VR headset: Now you can view holograms at your desk.

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