Sleep As Android sleep app has been packing more features in

Sleep As Android sleep app has been packing more features in

I last used this app a year back but when I ditched my Pebble watch I forgot that my Android Wear watch would also work as a heart rate/movements monitor with this app. So I tried it out last night and it works really well. If you don't have one of the supported devices then it will still let your phone pick up movement on the bed if placed next to you. It's the most feature-packed sleep app that I know of...

The app has an optional recording function to record snoring or talking in your sleep, snoring stats, and can play a sound or vibrate your watch to disturb you without waking you. It also has various options for different ways of waking you up. Another nice feature is giving comparative trends of your stats vs your country and other countries.

A new feature is control over as Philips Hue light for waking up, a Sleep Phaser, a Sleep Mask, Pulse Oximeter support for respiration, a low breath rate alarm, and it can even use your phone's flashlight as a built-in option to wake you up.

The attached image shows my sleep stats for last night and more info is available on the app's website at


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