Speeding Up Your Podcasts Won’t Solve Your Problems

Speeding Up Your Podcasts Won’t Solve Your Problems

To fight the growing wave of podcasts released each day, a group of people have started listening to their favorite shows at hyperspeed. The only problem: They might not be comprehending much. It does depend on the type of podcast as well but it worth reading this before you start cranking the speeds over
1.5x and 2x.

In 2017, the estimated number of Americans who have listened to a podcast has risen 11 percent from 2016 to 112 million, according to Edison Research. Per the same Edison report, an estimated 42 million people listen to podcasts weekly. The total number of podcasts published throughout the internet remains unclear, but the growth in listenership points toward an expanding and open market that doesn’t just have a podcast for everyone, but allows everyone to have their own podcast. “I think podcasts have become the new blog,” said Sophia Boyd, a news assistant and weekend producer at NPR.

See https://theringer.com/inefficiency-week-podcasts-speed-comprehension-f0ea43949e42

If you want to comprehend everything you hear, you’re stuck with the normal human cadence

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