6 Reasons Why Every Man Needs To Shave With A Classic Razor

6 Reasons Why Every Man Needs To Shave With A Classic Razor

The fight against facial hair can be a depressingly futile battle as every day your beard comes back unwavering, stronger than ever whilst you come away battered and bruised, not just in resolve but the irritation left on the skin such as razor burn, ingrown hairs and occasional cuts.

For a long time, the accepted answer to this problem has been the increasing number of blades attached to one’s razor.

After years of seeing razors acquire more and more blades but seeing no appreciable difference in shave quality, it is time to come to the uncomfortable truth; multi-bladed cartridge razors aren’t doing a very good job.

This realisation isn’t actually that surprising when you come to remember that cartridge razors were designed with convenience in mind. Their job is to remove stubble as fast as possible so you can get on with your day but, as with anything that places a focus on convenience, often quality is lost along the way. For this reason, there has been a huge resurgence in the use of the traditional double edge safety razor and the shaving traditions of old.

Not only does it give a better shave, with less irritation but most find that shaving in this way is fun.

A traditional wet shave involves keeping your face sufficiently lubricated throughout shaving to minimise all potential for irritation.

It consists of a double edge (safety) razor, a shaving brush, and shaving soap/cream. Each is important for making the most of your shave.

A good quality shaving soap/cream will create a stable lather that remains throughout the shave as well as providing moisturising properties that will benefit the skin. The shaving brush is used to whip the soap/cream into the desired consistency so that it remains slick and easy for the razor to glide over, as well as providing mild exfoliation to the skin removing dead skin cells and lifting hairs, priming them for shaving. The razor itself allows the user control to cut hairs at the correct angle to minimise irritation.

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6 Reasons Why Every Man Needs To Shave With A Classic Razor
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