What Linux does better than Windows - Which OS do you Use?

What Linux does better than Windows - Which OS do you Use?

Linux-based operating systems are free alternatives to Microsoft Windows and MacOS, which ships with Apple computers. While Linux technically only refers to the kernel, the core program of an operating system, it is often used as shorthand for any operating system that uses Linux.

However, for a fully functioning computer, several other programs are required in addition to the kernel. GNU is a major source of such programs for Linux-based systems.

Aside from the cost, openness, and freedom, which are often covered in comparisons like these, there are a few practical places where Linux operating systems shine in comparison to their premium-rated counterparts.

You will also find many articles talking about the improved security and privacy you can have by running a Linux distribution. Those are important issues, but for the purposes of the article at https://mybroadband.co.za/news/software/272545-what-linux-does-better-than-windows.html they have focussed purely on user experience features.

Personally, I love the ability to continue working whilst installing or upgrading of Linux's OS. It makes me feel it is working for me, and not me for the OS. So I've seen the Linux guys chomping at the bit regarding other posts which had nothing to do with Linux (off topic). So I saw this one last night and thought I'd post it and see how it goes. Let the Linux vs Windows vs Mac (yes and BSD if we have to too) debate unfold.

Just keep it non-personal and debate with a reasoning others can agree or disagree with. Anyone attacking other commenters personally will be banned. Tackle the OS, not the person.

What do you use as your primary OS at home (because home is your choice)?

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