‘Wizard101’ Celebrates Its 10th Birthday (And It’s Now Available on Steam!)

‘Wizard101’ Celebrates Its 10th Birthday (And It’s Now Available on Steam!)

I remember my daughter starting out on Club Penguin many years back and she only briefly used Wizard101 but its good to see over 10 years there have been 50 million players, over 2.5 billion quests have been completed, 537 million spells have been cast, and 1 trillion in gold coins collected.

You can see the full details of Wizard101‘s built-in safeguards for kids (https://www.wizard101.com/game/kid-safe), but, essentially, it allows for parental controls of all features, a menu chat the keeps responses friendly and fun, moderated message boards, and pre-generated player names that allow for individuality but not non-kid-friendly names.

As part of the 10th-anniversary celebration, KingsIsle is introducing a 3-year story arc, a vibrant new Wizard City, an in-game photosystem, in-game gifts, and more. And, earlier this month, Wizard101 became available on Steam, opening itself up to a new audience.

See https://geekmom.com/2018/09/wizard101-adds-new-features-for-its-10th-anniversary-including-availability-on-steam/


'Wizard101' Celebrates Its 10th Birthday (And It's Now Available on Steam!) - GeekMom
'Wizard101' is celebrating its tenth anniversary by adding new features, updating the graphics, and making the game available on Steam.

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