The Verge: Apple Watch Series4 Review Video

The Verge: Apple Watch Series4 Review Video

As I'm a really happy Android phone user this watch is in no way a temptation for me but to be honest if it had decent Android integration I may now be seriously tempted. My other remaining hesitation is square watch faces - I really love round watch faces but get it that a square face is probably way better for information and text detail. That is somethingI'm probably going to have to adjust to in future.

But when watches get done right with useful features and reasonable battery life you can see where they could start taking off in popularity. The newest Apple watch is certainly a big move forward and this candid video highlights some of those improvements as well as some of the features not working so well.

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Apple Watch 4 review: the best gets better
Better screen, better health features, and better speed.

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