This is my Tier V USSR Matilda IV Medium Tank in World of Tanks Blitz

This is my Tier V USSR Matilda IV Medium Tank in World of Tanks Blitz

This vehicle is a Soviet Tier V medium tank. It has low mobility, so it lends itself to being played more as a heavy tank. The Matilda can parade itself in front of other vehicles, with a superior rate of fire, aim time and accuracy that are comparable to the heavy Soviet tank KV-1. It also has an amazing gun depression. In comparison to other tanks of the same tier, the Matilda has a very high survival rate due to its thick well-angled armour and high hit points. This tank is ideal for those who don’t fear facing the opponent on the open field.

I've clocked up about 6 hours of play now on WOT and really enjoying it. Unlike some multi-player games (like Rust etc) where you killed as soon as you spawn, WOT has a great match play where they pit two random teams against each other which are roughly evenly matched. So they will match Tier 2/3 or 4/5 etc players together with each other and spread the types of tank evenly so that the game is enjoyable and you don't need 5 personal friends to play with. Every time it is a fresh team. So I've had some really good matches (even two or three where I was last tank standing and captured the base) a few where I've lasted less than 60 seconds.

My tank is pretty slow but it hits hard and can take a fair bit of damage. One thing you quickly realise is that running off on your own is not best, and it is better to move out in a group together to take on the opposing team. The controls for WOT are not complex at all so no 20+ buttons to memorise. I've just got to start refining techniques to remember to deploy consumables and other boosts in the heat of battle. Mostly where I've been killed is where I've lost situational awareness and was in sniper mode trying to hit one tank.... it's the one that creeps up behind you who gets you!

At higher tiers you can choose different modes of play but I like this evenly matched random team approach. Interestingly the game is for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android but it is also playing fine on Linux in Steam's new compatibility mode (except it crashes if you go into the Store). The game can be viewed in Steam at

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