Wet Shaving Acronyms & Glossary

Wet Shaving Acronyms & Glossary

When you first get into wet shaving, there are many acronyms and terminologies that may lead to confusion. At times it may feel like you have been let into a military compound or require the need to speak in a different language. For most men, their education in shaving only consisted of shower, shave and deodorant. It was an easy three-step process where most of the items could be acquired directly from a single aisle at the grocery or convenience store. But, many of the best ingredients for a truly classic shave have been lost to the layperson, including basic terminologies, definitions and acronyms.

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Wet Shaving Terminology | Complete List of Wet Shaving Acronyms | Shave Blog
Here we outline a complete list of wet shaving terms and acronyms. This complete glossary should cover all the bases for understanding various lingo in wet shaving.

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