Apple to Congress: Chinese spy-chip story is “simply wrong” - I suspected this

Apple to Congress: Chinese spy-chip story is “simply wrong” - I suspected this

I suspected this was the case last week as there seems to allegations about Chinese equipment... whilst we forget that Cisco had 5 backdoors discovered each month over 5 months during 2018. Why is no-one warning us not to use Cisco hardware? All sorts of scares are being put out there but here stands a fairly advanced tech company saying "absolutely nothing found" and also no evidence shown.

I'm almost suspecting some hidden agenda which is not so hidden....

I see dark days ahead for the Internet as corporate and political agendas (from any and all sides) wage war for the control of people's minds and fears. Before the Internet really attracted the masses we did not see the politics or the corporates and so people shared information, were open with each other, wanted to help, etc. Masses of people came online and the trolls appeared, and where the people appeared, so appeared the corporates and the politicians....

Out of it, something has to give and emerge from the chaos but right now the battle is on the go for positive vs negatives effects. I can see why I'm attracted towards amateur radio now - you get trained, you get licensed, you abide by the rules, no "politics, religion or sex" gets discussed. It will be like going back to the 1980's and BBSs with regards to "social media". The days before there was Facebook and all that followed.

Sorry I'm drifting a bit off topic here. If you want to discuss this post please refrain from party politics and so-called democracy vs so-called communism. All I'm saying is there are two sides to every story and the sides are rarely the same. We are too quick to believe what we want to believe. Let's see how long we can keep the comments open on this post. I dare you to prove me wrong and we stay objectively on track with the discussion! Time starts now at 19:00 GMT...


Apple to Congress: Chinese spy-chip story is “simply wrong”
"Our internal investigations directly contradict every consequential assertion."

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