Ring is a free open source and multi-platform communication platform which preserves the users' privacy...

Ring is a free open source and multi-platform communication platform which preserves the users' privacy and freedoms (an alternative to Skype)

Ring is free software which allows its users to communicate in multiple ways.

- A telephone: a simple tool to connect, communicate and share.
- A teleconferencing tool: easily join calls to create conferences with multiple participants.
- A media sharing tool: Ring supports a variety of video input options, including multiple cameras and image and video files, and the selection of audio inputs and outputs; all this is supported by multiple high-quality audio and video codecs.
- A messenger: send text messages during calls or out of calls (as long as your peer is connected).
- A building block for your IoT project: re-use the universal communications technology of Ring with its portable library on your system of choice.

Ensuring confidentiality of communications is the essential purpose of Ring. This is the reason why they have built a system with no central server and based on peer-to-peer communication. With this model, critical data is not stored in one unique place but it is spread among many users. Basic hash tables are used only to find a user's IP address. In addition, our library allows access to other light data. For example, OpenDHT can associate a public key with a Ring ID in order to encrypt your messages.

In order to make Ring accessible to as many people as possible, they have opted for PJSIP — the open SIP protocol — for managing user sessions. This protocol is popular in the telephony community and it does not transport data — it is a mediator. It just connects compatible communication channels between users.
Although SIP originally relies on centralized servers, our team has modified the protocol to fit in OpenDHT and allow for decentralization. In just one app, the protocol joins traditional telephony (with a SIP account) and modern communication (with a Ring account) in a user-friendly way.

It has desktop clients for Linux, Windows and MacOS as well as native iOS and Android apps. See we have lots of alternatives and don't only have to stick to what we know...

See https://ring.cx/en

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