Over 10 Million Downloads: Meet the Developer of Android's Open Camera

Over 10 Million Downloads: Meet the Developer of Android's Open Camera

Open Camera has an enviable reputation in the Android camera app world. Google Play shows it with over 10 million downloads and a rating of 4.3 based upon 125,000 comments. That's quite an achievement by any app standards. It's achieved such a standing for a range of reasons, the primary of which is that it's open source, and so, it's free to install and use.

Harman is modest about the capabilities of Open Camera, reluctant to pick out any single feature that impresses, but feels that the breadth of capabilities, particularly linked to the CameraAPI, is what many users like. For those interested in what's coming up, he is currently working on panorama stitching, an on-screen histogram, zebra stripes, and focus peaking.

While users might be interested in the capabilities of third-party camera apps, smartphone manufacturers present problems. Not only is there a wide array of hardware from single through to quad cameras, but manufacturers can decide how much of the hardware to expose to developers. Harman is positive about Android 9, which introduces support for managing them and may lead to some standardization, but there are currently few devices with this installed. Likewise, the Camera2 API has been successful in meeting the demands of developers with Google able to expand its capabilities without the need to release a Camera3 API. He also believes Google is at the forefront of feature development with their HDR+ being a good example of this.

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Over 10 Million Downloads: Meet the Developer of Open Camera
I've bemoaned the state of current Android camera apps and so, in the first of this two-parter, I interviewed Martin Johnson, the programmer behind the well respected Snap Camera HDR. As a follow-on, this article interviews Mark Harman, developer of Open Camera.

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