Single Edge Makes Wet Shaving Damn Cool

Single Edge Makes Wet Shaving Damn Cool

Ever tried a safety razor? It is hands down the closest shave you will get. Sorry Gillette, facts are facts. Wet shaving is becoming all the rage again. Closer shaves. Cheap and long lasting blades. What’s to hate?

Single Edge aimed to redesign the traditional safety razor into something easy to use, customizable and gorgeous. And they did so via a Kickstarter campaign a while back. I see their razor is already in its version 2 release.

They really did redesign the concept of single blade shaving. Instead of the standard double-edged razor blade, this one uses a special single edge blade that comes in a cartridge that aids loading the razor. Surprisingly the blades only cost $0.50 each. The only downside for me is these blades will not be as universally available as the standard DE blades.

See and don't miss watching the short video they have in the article. You can also see Supply's own website at

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