Ridy - First Distracted and Drowsy Driving Alert

Ridy - First Distracted and Drowsy Driving Alert

Drowsy and distracted driving kills thousands of people every year. Students, shift workers, parents risk the most. They decided to solve this problem with technology. Meet Ridy - the first smart driver's alert:

* Ridy monitors when you are driving drowsy
* It monitors when you are distracted from driving
* Installs on any car in 60 seconds
* No Internet connection - completely private

How does Ridy work?

Ridy uses machine vision analytics to determine whether you are concentrated on the road. It continuously analyzes eye blinking frequency, eyes movement, and other facial expression patterns. Based on the behavior patterns it can understand the situation and give the driver alerts.

They use real-time analytics. When you turn on Ridy for the first time it requests you to calibrate the device so it can detect your head normal driving position. Later on it will adjust the algorithm to learn user's head position automatically, so the "calibration" would not be needed, but at this time there is a simple "touch of a button" calibration. Then it can monitor and score certain events, such as eye blinking frequency, duration of eyes closing, relative head rotation, yawning and so on. Depending on the event or overall scoring, it produces different alerts. It may be more or less mild reminder like "keep your eyes on the road" if it detects a user not looking ahead for a prolonged period of time, or a rather stiff warning with loud and screechy beep: "Danger! Danger! Wake up!" if it detects that a driver closes their eyes. So in a nutshell, it will constantly monitor the user's face and take an appropriate action as the situation requires: from alerting the user to keep off their smartphone to waking up the driver to recommending to take a rest.

The Indiegogo campaign did not reach its funding goal but it seems the project went ahead anyway. Shipping apparently started on 5th November 2018 and the price is around $99 to $129 depending on where you order.

See https://heyridy.com


Ridy First Smart Fatigue Monitor for Drivers – heyridy

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