Artifact is an exciting and addicting DOTA2-like card game from Valve available on Steam now

Artifact is an exciting and addicting DOTA2-like card game from Valve available on Steam now

A collaboration between legendary card game designer Richard Garfield and Valve, Artifact is a digital card game that combines deeply-strategic, competitive gameplay with the rich setting of Dota 2. The result is an immersive and visually-stunning trading card game unlike any other.

If you’ve played card games around a kitchen table, you know the enjoyment that can come with house rules. Artifact allows you and your friends complete control in creating a tournament. Simply select your elimination or non-elimination format and deck constraints; then, challenge your friends to a crucible of your own design.

Want to test your skill against the world at large? Valve-sponsored gauntlets and tournaments will give players the opportunity to not just play Artifact for the joy of mastery, but to win prizes based upon their level of play.

"We hope all gamers enjoy Artifact, especially fans of Dota 2 and card gaming enthusiasts," said Valve's Gabe Newell. "Working with Richard Garfield has been an incredible opportunity for everyone at Valve, and we look forward to expanding the game with him based upon feedback and input from the community."

Liamdawe has posted an interesting hands-on review of the game: "I’m a huge fan of card games, however, I rarely get a chance to leave home and go out and play them. For many reasons including money for travel, real-life friends or just being too busy. This is why I personally love playing them on PC, it frees up those issues and many more for me. To this day though, there hasn’t really been a trading card game available for Linux that has really hooked me—until now."

"For a card game, it feels surprisingly alive too. Tons of little touches add up to a vibrant and constantly engaging experience. From the river in the centre passing through all three boards, to some recognisable sounds from Dota 2 and your little familiar practically wetting himself in fear when your tower is about to fall."

Artifact offers up multiple game modes, depending on how you're feeling.
1. There's Solo Play bot matches so you never need to face anyone online, which can be quite interesting since bots can play cards you don't own.
2. Social Play will allow you to face off against friends, Open Play which essentially shows you in a list for people in the same Steam groups as you (join our GamingOnLinux Steam Group!) to match up and player created tournaments.
3. Casual Play will allow you to play online against anyone globally, a Constructed mode where you pick a specific deck and attempt to win a series of games with that single deck and then a Phantom Draft mode which lets you make a new deck and edit it before matches.
4. Finally, we come to the Expert Mode which is similar to the Casual Play mode with one major difference — you can win prizes, but this comes at a cost.

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Artifact is an exciting and addicting card game from Valve, out now
Artifact, Valve’s card game has now officially released and after spending more hours than I will ever admit playing it, here’s some of my own thoughts while played on Linux.

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