What keyboard are you using on your Android phone?

What keyboard are you using on your Android phone?

Thanks to the open nature of Android, it’s extremely easy to go on the Google Play Store and pick out a keyboard of your liking for typing. While most keyboards are remarkably similar, you occasionally will get something a bit more unique included. The Google Keyboard (Gboard), for example, can translate into another language directly into the input box that you have selected. That’s not all either, as SwiftKey was just upgraded to support Bing searches, directly from the keyboard itself. The fact it’s Bing may be disappointing to some, but it makes sense given that Microsoft somewhat recently acquired SwiftKey. Still, it shows the potential greatness that keyboards can have.

Seems the two main options most people quote now are Swiftkey or GBoard whilst some other interesting ones come up like Blackberry's one which makes any letter a capital if you long press the key.

I seem to gravitate back to Swiftkey purely because of its amazing word prediction and auto-correct. But I alternate with GBoard as I try out GBoard features.

See https://www.xda-developers.com/discussion-best-android-keyboard/

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