Apple has been reduced to (gasp!) salesmanship

Apple has been reduced to (gasp!) salesmanship

Clutch your pearls. Prepare the fainting couches. Are you ready for this bombshell? Apple actually has to try to sell its phones. How embarrassing.

Bloomberg News had a look inside the Apple empire, which has shifted some staff members to work on marketing the latest iPhone models released this fall, and the company or its partners are deploying incentives to move the merchandise. One person described the situation as a “fire drill” to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Apple actually makes a good phone but it is overpriced (based on the fat profits they rake in - way more margin than other competing brands). They could actually make their phones more affordable but I know their ego is a bit strong for that. Point is that maybe consumers are being more savvy now and that is actually the best approach. I had an iPhone years ago and have been happy for the last few years with Google's Nexus and Pixzel phones. My daughter is ditching her iPhone this month for a Huawei Mate 20 Lite Android phone. She also ditched her Macbook for an HP laptop. I'm still using my Macbook Air but doubt I'll be replacing it soon. I've been seeing some movements away from Macbooks by others actually. So there is certainly some shifting going on.

"Like humans in middle age, Apple is forced to confront the reality of working harder to maintain a level of health and vitality it took for granted before. That’s life, and that’s reality for Apple’s business, too."



Apple has been reduced to (gasp!) salesmanship - TechCentral

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