Podcasts, streaming rapidly displacing radio in cars

Podcasts, streaming rapidly displacing radio in cars

Increasing connectivity between cars and smartphones is changing what drivers listen to behind the wheel, according to a new study.

As wireless links between cars and mobile devices using streaming services have become more common, the number of drivers listening to downloaded or streamed audio has doubled in the last five years, the research by Nissan suggests.

The study claims one in six drivers now chooses to listen to a podcast, audio book, or downloaded or streamed music playlist while behind the wheel, compared with only one in 12 people five years ago.

Listening to podcasts is certainly my preference while driving - I decided what I'm following and have them queued from downloading to provide me with interesting discussions on the topics I'm interested in. I set the playback speed at 1.5x to get through more of it a bit quicker. But it beats listening to a radio where they decide what you hear when and it does not cater 100% to your individual interests... I suppose this is why many prefer Netflix over broadcast TV. The infinite library on demand.

See https://techcentral.co.za/podcasts-streaming-rapidly-displacing-radio-in-cars/85969/


Podcasts, streaming rapidly displacing radio in cars - TechCentral

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