My first MeWe Group has crossed the 1,000 subscribers threshold

My first MeWe Group has crossed the 1,000 subscribers threshold

Since the "original" shutdown notice of Google+ I've added MeWe and Minds to the original list of places I was posting to namely Diaspora/Pluspora, Tumblr, Blogger, Twitter, Mastodon, Friendica, Hubzilla, and a GadgeteerZA Facebook Page. So excluding specifically the Twitter and Tumblr accounts as they are older accounts, the biggest growth has been on MeWe (for me).

But once again the growth is with the focused groups and not my personal profile. A profile shows any and all general posts while someone subscribing say to my Tech & Gadgets group only sees tech & gadgets posts. Even on Google+ my profile followers are 43,128 whilst the Tech & Gadgets Collection is 516,132 (another 16,000 or so in the last month so G+ is still growing). I spend a lot of time cleaning out spam and off-topic replies which allows a cleaner and more focused feed. Unfortunately, not all social networks allow such Collections / Groups, and I really wish that MeWe would hurry up with allowing truly public posts (no need to register to follow).

I'm just noting this for interest's sake as I see an interesting trend across the networks I post to. I've never promoted or spammed signups to my groups across other people's groups or networks. I enjoy posting for the sake of sharing knowledge and feel a bit guilty speaking about follower numbers. They're an interesting trend for me.

So these are some of the current numbers based on similar age accounts and identical posts.

Profile: 162
Tech & Gadgets Group: 1,006

Profile: 91

Profile: 379

Profile: 85

Profile: 161 (but half are Twitter contacts so actually 88)

Page: 59 (told you Facebook is more social than interests)

For some reason, the node I use has been offline since yesterday and that is the danger of smaller decentralised instances. The entire domain has become a Cake & Bake site ;-)

So yes right now it does look like MeWe is offering the most similarity for Google+ users with their well established centralised directory of Groups. Their Groups can be configured to act like a G+ Collection or a G+ Community and they have a Pages option too. But let's still see what emerges and happens by April... Mastodon is also very busy and has grown well but it is distinctly more Twitter-like than Google+-like.

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