What happened with Linux in 2018 - some interesting developments

What happened with Linux in 2018 - some interesting developments

Yes Linux still dominates on servers and smartphones and is nowhere near starting to take over the desktop (no it won't happen in 2019) but interesting movements have taken place on the landscape, some of which I've experienced myself:
1. Manjaro Linux firmly established at the top of Distrowatch - I'd also migrated from Linux Mint (2nd on the list) to Manjaro KDE a bit over a year back and I'd never heard of Manjaro before that. It is Arch based (not Debian like Ubuntu and Mint) but is a rolling update release which means no big update install every two years, and easy install of the latest Linux kernel.
2. On gaming some of the biggest news was Proton on Steam which allows over 3,000 Windows-only games to run well on Linux.
3. WINE has also advanced a lot as I can now run World of Tanks PC (Windows only) on Linux using WINE, directly from my shared Windows drive.
4. Yes Linus apologised for his behaviour but the important thing is the new code of conduct around kernel development.
5. And yes we expect Linux v5 but it is just a number and will in fact be meaningless.

See https://mybroadband.co.za/news/software/290422-what-happened-with-linux-in-2018.html


What happened with Linux in 2018
Linux continued to dominate the realms of servers in 2018, and the pace of development remained relentless.

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