How to Sideload Apps to Android Wear

How to Sideload Apps to Android Wear

Sideloading apps enables you to install apps that are either not available in Google Play or not listed as compatible for your device. This is rarely a problem with Android phones, but with Android watches it's a common occurrence. What if you could change that, and install any app you like?

There are some potential drawbacks: the app might not work as intended because it hasn't been optimised for the device, which might mean it's buggy, crashes upon opening or drains resources and battery life. If you're not entirely sure what you're downloading there's also a risk of installing malware.

But if you're comfortable that the app is legit, and you're willing to give it a try, sideloading apps to Android Wear is much easier than you probably think.

I needed this recently with an updated app that just did not have its app in the Play Store but they offered a download from their website for the watch. And it worked just fine using this method.


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Get any app on your Android watch!
Think the Android Wear store is limited? You can get any app you like on your Android Wear watch. Here's how to sideload apps to Android Wear.

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