YouMe Social - Been testing out this one month-old alternative to Google+ and loving what I see

YouMe Social - Been testing out this one month-old alternative to Google+ and loving what I see

Don't confuse this site with the dating sites of a very similar name, and I know that YouMe sounds a bit like MeWe, but it's not.

I'm a great fan of focussed Groups/Collections and from the outset YouMe Social (YMS) has got Groups with a publicly visible URL so that anyone can find them. The Groups can be public or private but I'm hoping that we get an option to allow only group owners to post new posts otherwise I fear I may not be able to moderate 7 groups successfully and it will be too noisy.

The site founder (an ex-Google+ user) is incredibly involved in what is happening which is a very good sign - with some social networks you have no idea who the owner is. After I'd posted my list of suggestions he responded publicly within 12 minutes (again better than MeWe's private message suggestions where we don't always get a definitive answer).

The site itself is hosted in the EU and respects privacy and no tracking of where you go when you leave the site, and you can delete all your data without fear of it still being kept like one very big blue social media site does. It will likely have advertising which is how it will grow and fund itself instead of users having to pay. Their privacy policy is available to be read.

The site is brand new so has a few minor things it is still expanding on but for me personally, it has more that suites me right now than MeWe (which has still not opened its Groups publicly). MeWe's followers seem to also be doing most of their own support to others and we're not yet seeing any strong admin run Groups interacting with their users.

I've included a few screenshots of what some of the different views look like. You'll see their polls have quite rich functionality. You can also create your presence there as a personal Profile or a business/organisation Page.

The can see my own profile at

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