Bought two Zartek ZA-758 2-way radios today

Bought two Zartek ZA-758 2-way radios today

The radios have 16 channels in the license-free bands of 446 MHz (8 frequencies) and 464 MHz (5 frequencies) but still get a range of 2-6 km outdoors or 600 m to 1.2 km indoors. Battery life is around 30 hours.

They 'll be used when we are both (or one of us) is out on our evening walks, when hiking, etc and being standard PMR frequencies you can also connect to other radios. My Yaesu FT-60R can also talk to these frequencies at 500mW so can operate as a 3rd handset whilst my Yaesu FT991A will receive the frequencies but it's min 5W output is too strong to use on these frequencies.

I got two hand-free earphones with them so we can work hands-free, as well as a programming cable so that I could set one channel to scrambled and also set the 2nd custom button to scan mode (it will scan but keep that scrambled channel as the priority channel).

In field tests, this particular model has faired quite well in terms of real-world range. During our test this evening we only strayed about 500 m apart but the audio was crystal clear.

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