Strong Voices of Journalists For Climate Activism From The South

Strong Voices of Journalists For Climate Activism From The South

“At a time when deniers of climate change call it fake news, climate activists call for more rigorous action, and high-level policymakers battle over “who pays,” it is journalists who try to make sense of it all. Their difficult mission is instrumental in our understanding of climate change and its effect on development.

“Reporting on the climate debates and (lack of) action taken by countries, however, is only one of the ways journalists contribute to putting the topic on the world’s agenda. There are many more reasons why we should support — or at the very least embrace — independent journalists who write about the climate and development,” writes Merit Hindriks in an Op-Ed published on the Hivos website.

We can’t stress enough about the importance of free press and independent journalism. It’s one of the pillars of democracy, and the tasks of journalists are even greater in rural countries, where access to information is minimal.

“Journalists are the voice of the voiceless, they play a key role in influencing public debate and influencing public opinion,” said Sahaj Man Shrestha, a media consultant and TV journalist from Nepal.

So true, often journalists are now playing the role that politicians used to play (representing the peoples' interests). Even in South Africa, we have found that journalism becomes one of the last bastions in the defence of democracy and the fight for exposing corruption. Ultimately courts decide, but it is journalists who brave politicians and big corporate interests to raise awareness amongst populations.


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Meet the journalists who are putting climate change at the heart of their countries’ agendas

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