What Are The Differences Between a Shavette vs a Straight Razor, and Tips On Shaving With Shavette


Specifically, a shavette is a shaving tool with a disposable blade, either it’s a fixed or a folding blade which looks similar to a straight razor if put it on the table, but the only difference a shavette has is, it has a small tiny slot to slide in your shaving blade in it at the front edge. Unlike a straight razor with which you have to take care of its fixed blade the shavette does not require this as the blade is disposable.

A shavette is one of the most challenging razors that you could use. One slight wrong move and the chances of sustaining the razor burn are high. Vibrating of the blade while shaving can bounce and leave you with an unpleasant shave. The blade in a shavette is thin and lightweight compared to straight razors which does not vibrate against your stubble and skin.

Read about some more key differences between the two as well as some tips on using a shavette at https://xtrimblades.com/shaving-with-shavette-vs-straight-razor/

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