South Africa not ready for electric cars


South Africa not ready for electric cars

According to BMWi product manager Alan Boyd, there are just over 100 BMWi charge points, the majority of which can be found at locations in the big cities. This has resulted in positive sales of the BMWi since the arrival of the i3 and i8 in 2015. Collectively, around 420 BMWi vehicles are being driven on South African roads, with the BMW i8 leading sales.

Nissan, with only seven charging points available at select dealerships in Gauteng, has suffered. To date, 90 Nissan Leafs, which were brought to SA in 2013, have been sold.

Coetzee attributes the slowdown in sales to a lack of infrastructure such as universal charging points. “In 2014, they (the South African government) were supposed to have the infrastructure for chargers in South Africa — especially in the Johannesburg area; at shopping centres or at filling stations, which never happened.”

“Timelines for full scale entry into the e-mobility market will be dependent on the approval of the finalised business case, government support and subsequent governance and funding approvals,” Eskom’s media desk said.

One of the barriers Eskom lists in its response is that the import tax of about 40% renders EVs a luxury mode of transportation and unaffordable to the average middle or lower income earner.

While the electric car is cost efficient (in the long term), boasts smart features and emulates the future, it appears as if South Africa is not quite ready.


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The smooth and silent experience that comes with driving an electric vehicle is quite contrary to the progress South Africa has made in effectively implementing appropriate infrastructure to support vehicle


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