How to disable any pre-installed system app bloatware on Android without root

How to disable any pre-installed system app bloatware on Android without root

One person’s hated bloatware is another person’s beloved feature, but unfortunately for the person who classifies certain pre-installed apps as bloatware, they typically can’t uninstall it. Sometimes you can disable system apps, but not every system app will let you disable it.

There are ways around these limitations, though. You could “uninstall” any pre-installed system app on your Android smartphone or tablet. The problem with that method is twofold: it doesn’t actually fully uninstall the app and return space to the user and reverting the change requires you to either sideload the APK (if you can find it) or factory reset. Still, that method is quite useful and we’ve seen dozens of forum posts and user scripts taking advantage of it to debloat their new Android devices.

To help users debloat their devices in a safer way, there is another method that will not only disable the pre-installed bloatware of your choosing but also make it super easy to re-enable them at your convenience, making any mistake a lot easier to recover from. You’ll still be using ADB commands to mess with system applications so be sure you don’t disable anything absolutely critical (use your best judgment), but this method is a lot friendlier in case you disable the wrong app.

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How To Disable Any System App Bloatware On Android Without Root
If you hate the bloatware or pre-installed apps on your Android smartphone, here's how to disable them even if Android doesn't normally let you.

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