First impressions of my new TicWatch Pro smartwatch which arrived today

First impressions of my new TicWatch Pro smartwatch which arrived today

I've replaced my LG Watch Sport with this watch mainly because the LG uses really proprietary bands (straps) which have the antennas embedded inside. While the LG just got day's use on its battery (from 07:00 to midnight) this TicWatch should get 2 days battery in smartscreen mode, around 5 days in mixed mode (basically smart reverts to essential mode for last 3 days), or a full 30 days just in essential mode. "Time" will tell over the next week or so and I'll give an update on this. I'm also suspecting the charge time is going to be a bit longer, and of course its charging cradle does not stand upright on its own like the LG's.

The dual screens are quite a clever feature, not only for battery life, but also for bright sunlight as the essential mode screen is a basic LCD which reads fine in the sunlight.

The OS is the same as other Wear OS watches. The DPI resolution is very slightly less than the LG but not noticeable to the eye in any way. At first, I thought the TicWatch was way thicker than the LG but they are about the same - it was a trick of the light with the shaping and textures.

Yes the TicWatch has only two buttons and no scrolling crown button but I can live with that. Same GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, and NFC but excludes the SIM for making calls. It will make and receive calls when paired with a phone though, and its fitness app will record exercises using its built-in GPS.

On exercises it not only supports Google Fit (and its own built-in fitness app called TicHealth) but will also export exercise data to Runkeeper and Strava. I should also mention that every aspect of health data sharing needs to be allowed or declines(steps, heart rate, etc) so you are in total control. Another nice touch is to opt into step count comparisons with other people where you see their step counts and distance away from you (one person is 20km away!). You can cheer them on if you wish. Maybe creepy for some but you can opt in or out of it.

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