Aftershockz Bone conduction open ear headphones

Aftershockz Bone conduction open ear headphones

I've been hearing mention of these headphones a bit in the last week and it really seems people fall into two camps - they either love bone conduction or they hate them. I'm in the 3rd camp as I really need to try some first to know what I think.

Plusses given are:
* Safety factor in that you can still hear ambient sounds around you for traffic, sirens, etc
* Nothing pressing inside your ear creating a sense of discomfort
* Works for people with small ear canals
* For some types of hearing disorders this may work better (f you have a conductive hearing loss or unilateral hearing loss)
* You can still opt to block your ears if there is any external sound you want to block
* Some have space for more battery than in-ear earbuds
* Can have less sound leakage than speaker type headphones
* "High volume" is not going to damage the eardrum (but may still not be safe)
* Can work for scuba drivers...

* They are more noticeable than in-ear earbuds
* Some say the sound is just not as good eg. stereo separation
* Not ideal if you want to actually cancel ambient sounds

These Aftershockz at least are totally wireless and I also do not like have a wire hanging around the back on my neck as it tends to snag when I turn my head. I do at least prefer this more rigid headphones-like design. I see they give six hours of continuous music + calls on a single charge and two hours to charge. Something I have not seen mentioned with other brands is an "Audrey Says" voice prompt to guide users through power, pairing, playing and talking.

It certainly looks like bone conduction headphones have been advancing steadily along and improving and is something I'll add to my of different things to try out - if anything just to judge how good or bad the sound really is.


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