Choosing a 360° Camera... But be Cautious


Choosing a 360° Camera... But be Cautious

I do think that any 360 camera (or attachment) is a lot easier than spending a whole minute or two rotating around trying to capture a 360 pano view. There are even 360° camera attachments now for Android phones.

But that said before buying you need to consider:
* Watch real video reviews or real-life examples posted of the photos.
* The manual approach is often a higher resolution and eliminates yourself and your feet
* Twin fisheye lenses are going to show a lack of detail at the edges
* Don't compare to normal photo megapixel values as the fisheye lenses need to capture and compress more so the megapixel value should be a bit higher
* Holding these cameras up (without a selfie stick) can have a serious amount of finger obscuring the picture
* But they are super quick and convenient
* Video stabilisation is not offered for example on YouTube for these videos
* Consider the shape / bulk if you want to carry it in your pocket


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