Huawei's Android replacement OS (running Android apps) will start rolling out in a few months in China followed by global in early 2020

The OS goes by the name HongMeng internally and it is compatible with phones, tablets, smartwatches, computers, TVs, and more. According to Elshimy, all Android apps will work with HongMeng and users will be able to download apps through the Huawei AppGallery.

As I said on a previous post many users wipe the OEM Android OS off their phones and replace it with LineageOS or similar and then either flash GApps on to get "full Google" app installation or many also opt for alternative app stores that have 900,000+ apps including all the popular ones. There is no reason at all to panic about the situation as many people do this all on the own and I'm sure that a default support from Huawei on assisting its users should work out even better for most.


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