How to pin sticky notes on virtual desktops on Windows 10

Virtual desktops (on Linux since the "beginning") are great for organising work around different topics eg. gaming, work, a hobby, etc so that you can have all your icons, notes, backgrounds, etc suited to what you are doing. Windows users always had to make do with only one desktop but now their functionality and options are growing too. So on Linux, if I'm at work I can have all my private apps open with notes etc and as soon as the boss comes by I just move the mouse middle scroll button and the desktop instantly changes to my works apps that are open with that long report I'm busy with (I'm only joking as I don't really do this but it is fully possible and now should work on Windows 10 and gives an idea of what virtual desktops can do).

Sticky Notes for Windows 10 was recently updated. The update came a few days before Windows 10 1903 was released which means if you’re on Windows 10 1809, or even 1803, you can still get the updated Sticky Notes app. The update has one highlight feature; you can finally pin sticky notes on virtual desktops. The notes that you open on a particular desktop will be pinned to it. If you switch away from the desktop, the note will not reappear on the desktop you’ve switched to.


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