Finally got my own Hubzilla Node setup

Posted on: Mon, 2019-04-15 - 22:35 By: admin

Finally got my own node setup at It is not for public registrations (yet at least) as I'm testing a lot of things out that frustrated me with other hosted nodes where some things were disabled. This node channel (Hubzilla account) should be able to be followed from Friendica, Mastodon, Hubzilla, Diaspora or GnuSocial accounts by adding as a contact.

It is hosted on my own VPS droplet at Digital Ocean so should at least also scale. Unlike my managed hosting elsewhere I can scale this up, I can run scripts and fix addons at OS level, etc. I created a new domain name to test setting up the domain and SSL, so that I did not disturb my main website and photo album hosting and links.

If this works out well, I'll migrate my other services over with the domain name so that everything stays linked everywhere.

I was hoping to install Friendica originally but as it is not yet supported in Webuzo/Softacuous scripts I went with Hubzilla, which is. But even Hubzilla was not plain sailing... it only wants to install in the root directory and I foresee this clashing with my Drupal someday (but at least Drupal doe go into a subdirectory so maybe I can figure that out still). Also I'm pretty clueless on setting up my own domain names, subdomains, SLL, etc so that was an interesting evening's learning curve - lots of trial and error and some luck (something has to give and come right after a few hours).

What I'm testing now is for all my blog posts on my Drupal site to be mirrored via my RSS feed top this Hubzilla channel.

See my new Hubzilla profile at…



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