Kobo is doing a better job than Amazon with e-readers


Kobo is doing a better job than Amazon with e-readers

Amazon and Kobo both have a number of electronic readers in their portfolio. Each of these devices are bundled with a digital bookstore that customers can easily purchase e-books, comics and manga. Amazon was first to market and Kobo a few years later. Over the course of the past four years Kobo has managed to out-innovate Amazon with a number of features never seen on e-readers before. The scrappy Toronto startup is starting to win over customers as people flee from Barnes and Noble or when other bookstores go out of business.

Kobo has released a series of waterproof e-readers that customers have gravitated towards, it allows you to read in the bathtub or the beach. Kobo has also bucked the standard six inch trend and released the Mini which was five inches and the brand new Kobo Aura One that is 7.8 inches. If you love to borrow ebooks from the library, the Kobo Aura One has has built in Overdrive functionality so you can browse your local branches collection and borrow them right on the device. Kobo also was a pioneer in regards to their illuminated display. They were the first ones to incorporate an RGB color system, this allows you to read easier at night and mutes the bright white screen.

Kobo has managed to outscale Amazon in key international markets. They enter a market by establishing partnerships with agents and former publishing executives who know the local market. They get thousands of local titles and sell their e-readers in bookstores, where their average customer is more willing to purchase one.

And of course Kobo also supports ePub format!

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Kobo is doing a better job than Amazon


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