Laugh if you will but Google+'s success (I call it that as it was one of the big top three social networks even if Google lost interest) was very much based around interests and hobbies etc, not following individual people. So Communities and Collections were strong. People met people who had similar interests from around the world and broke out of their small restrictive physical circles (forgive the G+ pun).

My own Tech Collection grew to over 500,000 followers and less than a handful knew me personally (most of my own friends did not follow me).

I can post lots of general Tweets on Twitter of which 15% may interest you and the other 85% irritate you. If you are interested say in knitting and you could follow a topic that gave you the best quality varied Tweets around knitting, that could only be interesting and engaging surely? We should start to see social media as not being a mirror of our physical world, but rather something that extends along the lines of our interests to whatever it takes us. Too many use social media to find out what their friends and family are doing - as Steve Jobs said: "You're holding wrong". There is a real world for that.

More on Twitter's new idea at #^

#^Twitter wants you to follow 'interests', instead of just people


Soon you can have the all-puppy timeline of your dreams.

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